1 x Vest or undershirt

1 x Onesie (One piece outfit)

4 x Cloth diapers

8 x Diaper Pins

1-2 Pairs Booties or Socks

1 x Beanie (Purchased or Crochet)

1 x Mittens

1 x Wrapping Blanket (Flannel)

2 x Baby Soap


1 x Plastic pants (worn over the fabric diaper to keep the Mother’s back dry)

1 x Petroleum Jelly (To be packed separately in a box as it melts)

1 x Large towel (Bath sheet towel or beach towel for the Mother to carry the baby on her back – Packed in SEPARATE box)

3 Yards of cotton fabric (hemmed) for Mothers wrap around their waists like a skirt

1 x New underwear for Mother (size large/XL/XXL)

1 x Hygiene Kit for the Mother (Packed in a separate box)

Assembly directions…

All items must be new or VERY LIGHTLY used.

Pack all items into a 2 gallon zip-lock plastic bag.

Squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible and then seal it.

Pack as MANY kits as possible into a box and close it with tape.

PLEASE BOLDLY label the box on 2-3 sides ‘NEWBORN KITS’ (& quantity of kits)…THANK-YOU!!