1 x Bar of soap (Antibacterial)

2 x Pair surgical gloves

1 x Square yard of clear plastic sheeting (4 millimeters thick)

2 x Plastic Umbilical Cord Clamps (Purchased in bulk online) or 3 x Cotton string
(12-inch-long pieces, must be NEW, NO YARN) (Please pack into smaller zip-lock bag)

1 x Single-edge razor blade must be covered in paper or cardboard to keep it from causing injury. Regular shaving razors are not acceptable.

2 x Receiving blankets sizes may range from 28″ x 28″ to 32″ x 32″ no thermal or fleece blankets)

1 x Plastic bag

1 x Gallon size sealable bag

2 x Absorbency pads

2 X Linen Savers (disposable sheets that you can put under people in hospital that soak everything up)


3 x Yards Fabric (hemmed) for Mothers wrap around their waists

1 x New underwear for Mother (size large/XL/XXL)

Assembly directions…

Fold the plastic sheeting and blankets so they will fit easily into the plastic zip-lock bag. Lay the loose items on top of the blankets and plastic sheeting. Slide all items into the plastic bag. Squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible and then seal it. All items must be new. Do not wash any of the items as they will be considered used.